The course segments are modular and will be determined based on your goals and capabilities, which we will discuss in the first session. You may have a good handle on composition and may not be interested in artificial light sources but really want to be able to start using manual settings on your camera, or you might just want a general overview that lightly covers all areas so you can determine your interests and goals. 

The sessions are $150 per hour + tax and can take place in your home (within 20 miles of Frisco TX), at my home studio, or in an alternative mutually agreed location.

If you would like to book your introductory session or have any questions give me a call on 214 606 7169, or email me john@ousby.com

Before we start, I'll ask you to fill in this questionnaire so I can get a better idea of how to personalize the material to your needs. I look forward to working with you!