Need New Headshots?

Do you need to refresh your company headshots? Maybe you have a lot of new hires, have pictures with no consistency , or they're just old! I can provide you with professional images on a variety of different backgrounds and can set up at your office or you can come to my home studio in Frisco TX. Prices start at $125, Volume discounts available


Anatomy of a Storm

Another storm rolled through North Texas this evening. Fairly tame in comparison to recent events, but it happened just at sunset giving some interesting light effects. 

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New course launched

Live in the north Dallas area, got a nice new camera and don't know what to do with it?! Let me sit down with you in a private lesson to help you out on whatever it is you need to take your photography to the next level. Check out the Digital Photography 101 course for a breakdown of the common areas we can cover. The lessons are modular, and customized to your ability level and goals.

Miops Catches Lightning

I mentioned the Miops high speed capture device in a previous post. Basically it is a controller with a ton of sensors that lets you take shots of things that are pretty hard to capture otherwise. I have spent countless hours waiting for the perfect lightning shots. they are so quick it's pretty much impossible to use human reaction to get them as they happen. The way to do it is to find a good spot, leave the shutter open for a long time and hope you get something. This can produce some nice results but has a certain 'look'. It doesn't allow you to capture the progression of a single streak of lightning for example. The light sensor in the Miops triggers shots in rapid succession when the sensor threshold is exceeded (80% used for the following images for anyone interested). So here is an animated gif composed of 4 images of one of the strikes from last night's storm here in North Texas. 

Portable Polaroid 2x3 printer shipping 1st May

Polaroid release their Zip printer on 1st May for $130. Prints 2x3 pics from Android or iOS apps to start with. At around 50c a sheet, with a sticky back which is a nice touch, the zink paper for this mini printer isn't too bad. Zink = zero ink, so no additional expensive ink cartridges. Cheaper than the fuji instax mini sheets for example. Will be interesting to see who the main audience is for this product. I could certainly see how it could be fun at a party, and it may have some practical use on shoots. How would you use it? let me know in the comments.


Celina Cajun Fest 2015

Saturday was a beautiful day for the annual Cajun Fest up in Celina TX. Blue skies, 80 degrees, great food and non stop Cajun music. I was shooting up there while the industrial scale boilers were dumping thousands of steaming crawfish into hoppers and on to plates for most of the day, alongside music from the 9 year old Bella Hermundson, the energetic Pine Leaf Boys, through Steve Riley & the Mamou Playboys to 1 of only 2 Cajun bands to win a Grammy, the Band Courtbouillon and finishing up with the amazing Wayne Toups (also a grammy winner). Thanks to Zydeco Mike for his great primer on Zydeco music - he was there with the current host of the Cajun show on KNON 89.3, Jimbreaux.

All this alongside a car show, funnel cake, bounce houses, ice cones, hurricanes, wine, and plenty of beer (not necessarily in that order) made a great family day out, mark it in your calendars for next year. You can check out some of the images here