Otto - the hackable camera

Meet Otto , well online at least. The team at nextthings are putting the finishing touches to their kickstarter funded raspberry pi powered camera. I'm one of their backers and have been happy to put up with the delays they inevitably encountered, mainly due to their frequent and detailed updates and general responsiveness - believe me that's not normal on kickstarter.

There's no telling how many people will go beyond the pre-installed modes on the camera - including animated gif maker, photo booth etc but at least you can! I'm a fan of cameras that look like toys, they make it easier to take fun spontaneous pictures - people let their guard down much more than being faced with a fully specced DSLR. The Fuji Instax mini i have is always a favorite with the kids.

So hopefully I'll have an Otto in my hands in the next couple of months, I'll post some of the results back here. Good Luck team Nextthings!